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Loving my new pixie t

Loving my new pixie t


Will be my new cut, but with an undercut pixie! Shaved underneath with long top, bangs and longer length toward front.. So excited and can't wait!!

Love my new Audrey Tautou inspired pixie designed by Meredith Owen! I don't

Post workout new hair - loving my new hair cut! Didn't even have to wear a headband

Just a smidgen shorter than three years ago ... don't you just

Don't take yourself too seriously - when you can laugh at yourself other people

Ashley Rogers (Ashley Rogers) 's Instagram photos | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer) | Hair/Beauty/Fashion | Pinterest | Short hair, Pixies and S…

If I didn't love my pixie cut I'd have this haircut only blonde of course

My new short hair cut! Loving this pixie-ish asymmetrical look I've got going on. Check out my other styles on my youtube pag… | Short Hair Don't Care!

This is one of my pixie cut. Big thanks to my amazing hairdressor, Livio

Love my new pixie!

I am so in love with my pixie cut! It took me forever to finally get one because I was so afraid it wasn't gonna look good on me.

Photo of Fiddleheads Salon - Washington, DC, United States. Love my new Pixie

Loving this uber short pixie cut

I finally took the plunge at got a pixie cut! I love it so much. I don't know why I didn't cut all of my hair off sooner.

Kyra Hawkins on Twitter: "So I've cut more hair off. I'm loving my new # pixie #haircut"

My new short hair cut! Loving this pixie-ish asymmetrical look I've got going on. Check out my other styles on my youtube pag… | Short Hair Don't Care!

fat girls + short hair = YES!

And people might wonder, how can you live with short hair? Isn't it hard to sport it? Not at all. I love my short hair. I love how edgy and spunky ...

Pixie Aventura

I'd been considering a pixie cut for nearly two weeks, and after finally settling on one I liked, I couldn't get it out of my head.

"Guys don't ...

Sonya Hayes on Twitter: "Seriously loving my pixie cut! #changeisgood #pixie #pixiecut"

The awkward length of the pixie cut: It is so dreaded that many people don't cut their hair short for this particular reason. As impulsive as I am, ...

One of the things I love the most about pixie cuts is that, as they grow, you can have a lot of great looks. Here are some pictures of the pixie as ...

The one thing I love more than having a pixie is cutting them! My client, friend and fellow hair stylist came in to get chopped!

102.7 KIIS FM's 2017 Wango Tango - Backstage

I can see how growing out a pixie would be a challenge in a professional setting, though. I poked around Google a bit and found some ...

Pixie cuts and hats go hand in hand! Don't worry that putting a hat on will make your hair disappear completely! I stayed away from hats for way too long ...

Suzy on Instagram: “can't stop won't stop posting pictures of my new hair I love it so much I feel like a pixie details are on my blog oxo @donalovehair”

Since there's no going back, we've prepared the best and latest short haircuts especially for you to get inspired.

I Love Jesus, And My Pixie Bob Tri-blend T-Shirt Front

Thick & Full

While I'm still exploring ways to get better at my business, I feel that it is also time for my hair to get a change.

I am In Love With My Pixie Bob | Dog Lover T-Shirt by DonCarloneClothing | Spreadshirt

I love change. I was always happy to switch schools, I don't like being in the same job for more than a year, and if I could, I would move to a new city

Say hi to my new favourite pixie! (Ok, that doesn't include Ranya) But second Vaisnoraite!!! Currently based in Singapore with ...

Sonya Hayes


Im so in love with my hair. Depending on makeup and outfit I can be androgynous, or super feminine. I have no regrets, and even my mom is starting to love ...

"I Love Jesus, And My Pixie Bob " Women's Fitted Scoop T-Shirt by theredteacup | Redbubble

Kim Wende on Twitter: "Love my pixie cut. #fiidnt #cibupixieplunge #nbpfallpixiecuts"

What is Pixie?

My plan as I sewed this top was to wear it styled exactly like this. Who doesn't love a good jeans and tee combo? I love that this feels a little elevated ...


I love the fibers on this Ruby. They are silky but not too silky or shiny. They just look like like healthy hair. I didn't style her off my face but you ...


I miss trying new products. I miss sharing my nail art with the (small) world of people I know. I will try to blog again, but this mama can't ...

I would love to meet boys who looked this good!!

My second most grabbed for wig is a new one for me…Ruby by Jon Renau in Shaded Pralines & Cream. A great pixie that fits me so well.

Can I pull this long pixie off? I'd love to do the blonde too. Any other suggestions if you think this wouldn't look the best? My hair is shoulder blade ...

I am on a strict shopping budget which is why I am loving Old Navy right now. Their lounge wear has really impressed me and the prices can't be beat.

Short hair boasts many positives. Less hair translates into more time to sleep, watch Netflix, go on a hike, or whatever it is that you wish you had more ...


Teeburon I LOVE MY Pixie Bob Hooded Sleeveless T-Shirt

This was written after I dyed my hair jet black, but it also applies for those trying out short hair for the first time. Check it out for six tips for ...

Feminine Pixie Cut with Bangs

Even the ponytail days seemed to take forever. Here's a few things I can spend more time doing now that I'm rockin' a pixie.

The French Hair Trends That Will Be Huge In 2018

Ty Alexander Gorgeous In Grey The Cut Life ...

I Love My Pixie Bob V-Neck T-Shirt

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Yesterday, the majority of you voted that you love Michelle Williams's new haircut and color that she debuted at Cannes. And we have the scoop straight from ...

How to style a super short pixie cut!

It is not that I don't love my pixie, I really do. But after attending many weddings, literally monthly haircuts, and having to actually do my hair everyday ...

The day I got my pixie cut. I was in love!

Anton Powers & Pixie Lott - Baby (Official Music Video)

I love my PIXIE-BOB Cat & like 3 people - Mens Cotton T-

Pixie Cat Katze Cat love rather bei my PIXIE BOB CAT - Kids'

try out #spon” Bore off Pixie

This was my inspiration.

@ashlyd28 Thank you aunty ashley package of chocolates and pixie bows all the way from

Emilia Clarke has chopped her hair into a pixie cut and looks sensational


I am so happy with them, and I love my cheek piercings! It didn't hurt that much, but the healing process is a real bitch so I'll just have to be careful ...

Pixie Britton

I Love My Pixie-Bob | Must Love Cats® Hot Pink On Heathered Grey

I love my #ulzzang hair by @gothiclolitawigs ~ Pixie Late modelling #makeup and #wig in a #fawn look! HarajukuBoutiqu

I'm of the belief that you don't need any fancy kitchen equipment or specific training to produce some seriously delicious dishes.

As if the pixie cut isn't eye-catching enough but then you throw in this amazing color, and you take the style to a whole new level. I love this color ...



Growing out a Pixie Cut? Here's the Perfect Transition Hairstyle—Glamour's Bad Hair Day

Do ...

My New Haircut ...

Mom bob

My husband loves short hair. I had a pixie cut when we met. I grew it out & cut it all off again to suprise him. Never again. I love ...

I Love My Pixie-Bob | Must Love Cats® Hot Pink On Heathered Royal

Longer Messy Pixie Cut with Highlights

I Love My Pixie Bob Women Raglan T-Shirt

So this happened 😊 decided to chop some more of my mop off. Was thinking

Pixie Cat Anti Valentines Love Pixie Bob Cat Funny Cat Owner - Women'

Eddany I love my Pixie Bob T-Shirt

I Love My Hair It's So Versatile Classic T-Shirt Front