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Good ball strikers create a wide arc on the backswing because they

Good ball strikers create a wide arc on the backswing because they


Good ball strikers create a wide arc on the backswing because they accomplish a couple of things:


Good ball strikers create a wide arc on the backswing because they accomplish a couple of things:

Admit it: You'd rather go play golf than beat balls at the range. That's OK. Most of us would. But practice is the only way you're going to get ...

This promotes freedom of motion in the backswing and creates a wide move off the ball and a longer swing arc.

Golf Swing Tips - How to Improve Your Golf Swings - Lower Your Handicap ** Want additional info? Click on the image. #GolfSwingTips

Maintain the triangle created by your hands, arms and shoulders for a connected and solid takeaway.

Open Up To Fix Your Slice

Michael Breed hitting driver

Make these adjustments to your backswing and your handicap, and your body, will thank you.

The fake turn is another big power zapper. Get your back fully facing the target for more power.

How to reduce your handicap (and your back pain) with these simple backswing keys – GolfWRX

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I like to keep my knees wide and my feet planted for max coil and max

Cheat sheet to a better backswing.

Don't be Swayed

Focus on Lead Arm for Solid Shots

How Masters champ Sergio Garcia changed his swing and became one of golf's best ball-strikers ever


The Left-Arm-Breakdown is a biggie. Use your mirror at home to

Simply combine this image in your mind with some of our ball striking drills and this will have a huge impact on helping to strike those irons pure!

PreHinge Drill for More Distance and Speed

Create structure in your backswing for a wide arc.

Tall order - Golf for tall golfers


Ready to swing between the boards

Golf Instruction: Wide - Narrow swing arc

A wide takeaway like this one will set you up for better lag on your downswing!

When a player's center of mass tends to stay on the back foot, with considerable rear side bend (I call it hang back), the bottom of the swing arc can be ...

Don't Hit Fat

Clip the Tee Drill

Huge statement by winning the @Challenge_Tour @T_A_Golf by 4 for maiden WIN 🏆…"

If your struggle with when and how to hinge your wrists, here is a drill to help you learn how to start your swing.

Golf Swing Lag and Release Timing Drill Part II

This will help promote a more neutral angle of attack but hopefully still help you strike the ball first followed by the turf.

... ball striking with your irons and you have either the Early Release or Hanging Back swing faults then you need to continue reading because we may have ...


The butt comes 'off the line' and moves forwards, the head moves away from the ball, the spine gets very vertical.

Golf Swing 109. Setup: How to Set Up for the Driver

When compared with Tiger below, you can see how much later Tiger set the club in the backswing in an effort to create as wide an arc as possible.

Tiger address edit

Positional advantaged golf swing


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The difference between professionals and amateurs is in the ground – GolfWRX

Then to start your backswing your shoulders should turn and when doing this your arms, hands and club should only move as a result of the turning of your ...

Dynamics of speed - How good players make hitting the ball a long way look easy

Low and Slow for Better Drives

Ryan Blaum


Tiger has a later wrist set to achieve a wider arc for more power in his swing.

Create an L at the top of your swing.

Back Swing Pivot – From 3 O'Clock To The Top. “

A common question among golfers looking to improve is “how should I practice”. It's a great question that most players get wrong. The typical golfer goes to ...

Quick Tips For More Power - Golf Digest

Bubba Watson

Transition from a wide takeaway into a narrow downswing with plenty of lag!

Non-Optimal Address Position Wedge

Starting with a narrow takeaway tends to cause a wide, casting motion at the start of the downswing. That's what you're seeing here.

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Keeping that right heel raised guards against over-turning the hips and rewards you with a highly efficient coil – this three-quarter backswing position, ...

End of the backswing - from reference number [1]

... a golf club and hit the ball ...

Golf Swing 502. Downswing: The Perfect Golf Impact Position

See, when you play golf do you often see golfers that are trying to murder the ball, swinging as hard as they can, no rhythm, are off balance and as a ...

If you have ever tried spinning a top, you will know it's those with the largest heads and thinnest stems that spin the fastest – and longest.

Best Putters 2018

Finding Control Off The Tee - Golf Digest

Wide Arc In The Golf Swing For Clubhead Speed | Greg's TrackMan Combine Challenge Day 39


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Three simple words – Stack and Tilt – have done about as much to turn the world of golf instruction upside down as anything in recent memory.

Improve ...